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Google Scholar; Ruttan, VW, HP Binswanger, WW Hayami and D Weber [1978] Factor productivity and growth: A historical interpretation. metafrontier, which is assumed to be a smooth function that envelopes the specific male, female and jointly managed plots' stochastic frontiers (Battese and Rao, 2002). However, metafrontier estimation requires parameters obtained from initial stochastic frontier analysis. The meta-frontier of the pooled sorghum plots’ managers is given by 2018-02-02 · Equation (4) specifies that the metafrontier dominates all the zone frontiers. The metafrontier production function as specified by equation (3) is a log linear production functional form, and the constraint imposed in equation (4) does not allow the metafrontier function to fall below the Using the firm-level data of sugar mills in 42 regencies in Indonesia from 2010 to 2014, this study applies the meta stochastic frontier based on the input distance function. The metafrontier analysis is applied in sugar mills in the East Java province and other provinces in Indonesia. The study employs metafrontier and four-stage data envelopment analysis (DEA) to measure the overall and individual efficiency of life insurance companies in mainland China and Taiwan, after applyi Aug 23, 2018 This paper measures the metafrontier total-factor energy efficiency (TFEE) of 47 regions in Japan for the period 1996–2008, using the  Abstract.


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(Non-)Convex production metafrontier for the Baltic states Tomas Baležentis Vilnius University, Vilnius, Lithuania. E-mail: ORCID 0000-0002-3906-1711 Abstract. The productive technology can be defined for different levels of aggregation (e.g., … The contemporaneous productivity, metafrontier productivity and TGR scores for all the DMUs are summarized in Table 8, in which the metafrontier productivity scores were measured without considering the nationality of shipyards. A TGR score is the ratio between the corresponding contemporaneous and metafrontier productivities. The metafrontier analysis is applied in sugar mills in the East Java province and other provinces in Indonesia. All the data used in this study are the secondary data taken from the Indonesian Central Board of Statistics.

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Keywords: Metafrontier analysis; Convex and non-convex metatechnologies; Stochastic. A cross-country comparative study of entrepreneurship ecosystem using the metafrontier Malmquist method. Category: Management Science Letters. May 21, 2020 In the next stage, Meta-frontier analysis (MFA) is applied to compare the production function of the internet industry across the years.


Comparison of Global Fisheries' Efficien: Lee Sang-Go:


The metatechnology ratio (MTR) constructed under the metafrontier framework helps estimate the gap between group frontiers and the metafrontier, with its score between 0 and 1.

The metafrontier framework proposed by O'Donnell et al. enables the evaluation of relative efficiencies for decision‐making units (DMUs) operating under heterogeneous technologies. The metatechnology ratio ( MTR ) constructed under the metafrontier framework helps estimate the gap between group frontiers and the metafrontier, with its score between 0 and 1. A metafrontier production function for estimation of technical efficiencies and technology potentials for firms operating under different technologies. Journal of Productivity Analysis, 21, 91 - 103 . Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate productivity growth and quality changes among different levels of accredited hospitals. Design: This study used an attribute-incorporating Malmquist productivity index (MPI) under the metafrontier framework.
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The metafrontier framework proposed by O'Donnell et al.

Parametric Stochastic Metafrontier Analysis at The Firm Level,.
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(J Prod Anal 21:91–103, 2004 ), the metafrontier production function allows for calculating comparable TE measures, which can be decomposed into group specific TE measures and technology gap ratios. The metafrontier model 24 makes it possible to calculate comparable technical efficiencies for agricultural farms that operate under different technologies. The main aim of this study was to compare tomato productivity of com-mercial and smallholder tomato farmers in the Nkomazi area, Mpumalanga, using a metafrontier analysis. The empirical results for the metafrontier analysis shows an average group technical efficiency (GE) score of 70.2% and average meta-technical efficiency of 56.7%.

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Comparison of Global Fisheries' Efficien: Lee Sang-Go:

model is possible as long as we can identify separate frontiers for For example, if a particular output, y, can be produced using input different groups in the data set (O’Donnell et al., 2007). As the analyzing method, the stochastic frontier is used as well as the metafrontier. According to the frontier function scores in the subsectors, in small-scale firms MP, FDT and MEMSAS subsectors and in medium- and large-scale firms OCP, FDT and TSL subsectors are the most efficient subsectors. The study used the true random effect model and stochastic metafrontier analysis to estimate region level technical efficiency (TE) and technology gap ratio (TGR) in the two main grain-producing regions of Norway. The result of the analysis shows that farmers differ in performance and technology use. 2017-09-01 Abstract. This paper uses directional distance functions to extend the non-parametric metafrontier approach to efficiency measurement proposed by OÕDonnell et al.